Dengue scare

Around this time every year, the Department of Health begins coming out with those "reminders" about the imminent rise of certain seasonal epidemics. I never really paid attention to these dire warnings in the past - they were things that happened to other people.

Well, what do you know, this week some varsity players of the College where I teach were struck down with dengue fever. They needed blood transfusions.

And what is more, their dorm is actually just three houses away from where I live. Which means the mosquitoes that gave them dengue is probably very close relatives of the ones that swarm our garden.

So it was panic time today in my house. Actually more of a hybrid of major theatrical production and an exorcism. The pond had to be emptied (darn, I have to buy new fishes again next week), the canal had to be - how shall i say this delicately - poked and pumped and well you get the drift, and the whole house and garden had to be smoked out. I hope they are done by the time I get home tonight.

But guys, the dengue season is here. Take precautions.


alden said…
Pero Bong walang immunization laban sa Dengue na yan?
BongA said…
wala pa. kahit nga anti-malaria di pa institutionalized. we have had i think some success in anti-polio and anti-measles, but not 100% yet.


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