There are days when you can't help but suspect that all that pressure must be finally taking its toll on some cabinet secretaries. Being a cabinet secretary must be such a difficult job, particularly under the present dispensation; but then again, nobody is holding a gun to their head telling them to stick to their jobs or else...

Of all the cabinet secretaries today, no one - bar none - is as disturbing and exasperating as the Justice Secretary. Yes, he with the cluttered and disorganized work desk and outrageous public statements. Watching the honorable secretary on television is always a riveting experience. A friend once likened it to listening to Howard Stern - you know he is going to say something outrageous but you still listen because you wanna know what appaling thing he is still capable of saying in public.

For instance, why would anyone in his right mind issue a hold departure order for Satur Ocampo and in the process invite adverse media attention? Why would someone like Satur Ocampo think of not returning to the Philippines where he lives a charmed life? Why would anyone even think of gagging someone like Satur Ocampo abroad? And since when was it the job of a cabinet secretary to issue hold departure orders - isn't this the job of judges? Why even bother when you know you will lose in the bar of public opinion?

If there is someone in the cabinet today that is serving the goals of the opposition, this is the guy.

Why he is still in office is a question that continues to mystify many people. A friend of mine thinks the reason why he has been able to keep his post is because he is the only one in the whole cabinet capable of saying anything without fear. It is like this guy has nothing to lose anymore so he bangs his head at anything and picks up fight with anyone. It used to be funny, now it is just plain annoying.


jef said…
Well, with all candor, I kinda like him. Like what you said, he got balls to say even the stupid things. Perhaps you are right, wala siyang iniisip na mawawala sa kanya.

As always, great post Sir Bong!
Bobby Burns said…
Why is he still with the cabinet then? In fairness to Raul, his principle is unquestionable, his public record never tainted with anomalies. For me dats better than most if not all members of the opposition. And yes, I like Howard Stern too.

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