From blogging to writing a column

Starting today, and every Monday and Wednesday thereafter, my byline will appear in the opinion pages of the Manila Standard Today. My maiden column is about something close to my heart as a Human Resource Management practitioner: wages.

Although it was that letter that gave me my 10 minutes of notoriety, it was this blog that caught media's attention. Yup, bloggers out there, it looks like mainstream media is indeed keeping a keen eye on the blogosphere. Manila Standard Today has another blogger on its roster of columnists, Sassy Lawyer.

I know that there are bloggers out there who will see this move as a form of selling out. I don't.

Have a good week ahead everyone!


Joey said…
yehey! congratulations!
mlq3 said…
congratulations! i think it won't necessarily be viewed by some holding a contrary view to you as selling out, but rather, as a means of co-optation. but as with anyone, your words will speak for themselves.
jess said…
congrats Bong! ordinary mortals like me need somebody to speak and stand up in our behalf..good luck.
dref said…
Ymir said…
congratulations sir bong. your blog entries have always been worth reading.
BongA said…
Thanks everyone!
Anonymous said…
Congratulations Mr. A!

I'll add you in my list of "columnists to read" since more or less we are on the "same frequency or way of thinking regarding what is happening on our country now " too bad, I seldom see Manila Standard on our newstands , I have PDI and PS every Sat and Sun at home and read both papers everyday in the office (if I have time)..I stopped reading CDQ column early this year or late last year as I am sick and tired of all the rantings and ravings esp. targetting GMA all the time...more energy can be directed to other valuable things rather than highlighting all the negatives and allegations without much proof that will hold in court...I think this is obsession already !

I hope you won't get bitten by the "messianic bug" like most of our self-proclaimed righteous columnist around..keep up the true voice of majority alive and kicking!
alden said…
Bong , Congrats din. I read you first column and its a good read. So I believe you have a regular reader here.

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