It's not your set, folks

The late night newscast is what it is supposed to be - late; in fact, very, very late. And on many occasions, "early morning" since Arnold Clavio and Vicky Morales (or Ces Drilon and Dong Puno, depending on one's taste) usually get to read (or discuss, in the case of Ces Drilon) the news only after midnight. Just one more proof of how skewed people's priorities have become: we have to sit through Korean telenovellas and mature guys horsing around like pre-pubescent kids before we get to know about what's happening in this country.

Extra Challenge ceased to become challenging and had to say goodbye although the station insists that they continued to dominate the ratings game up to the end.

PBB is ending its teen edition this week and many people are glad it is going to be over - at the rate they are going (sneaking celebrities into the house almost every day or bringing the housemates out somewhere where at least some excitement can be had from the environment) - they are clearly running out of ideas to sustain interest in the show. The poor kids just do not produce enough fireworks.

Jang Geum is also (finally!) winding up; and it is about time GMA put a stop to the shameless way they have stretched this Koreanovella (the show's credits, prologue, recap of the past episode and preview of the next episode are much longer than the day's episode). I cheated and actually already saw the last episodes of the show on DVD so I know the extent to which GMA has cut up the show into miniscule parts. But this is a show that at least makes an effort to tackle socio-cultural issues so I guess the mania is partly justified.

Gulong Ng Palad is over too - the show only became interesting towards the end when it became clear that it was going to end soon; besides, I think they made a mistake of reducing the role of the boy Peping (quite frankly, that was the only memorable character in the original version, played by Romnick Sarmenta). I still have to meet someone who actually sat through the whole run of the show though.

I can't seem to make head or tails of Majika - are they in a parallel universe or not? And what is with those costumes that make them look like they came straight out of a Bayanihan Dance Troupe performance? Encantadia it aint!

I get headaches watching all that senseless horsing around in Lagot Ka Isusumbong Kita, Ok Fine Whatever, and Bora. What a waste of testosterone. These shows are supposed to cater to women; thus all that muscles and good looking guys. Nice touch, except that I dont think Filipino women are that shallow.

Bahay Mo Ba 'To has run out of creative ideas. The duplex laboratory has been done before many times (Janice Jurado from Barrio Gumamogan, remember?) so we did not really expect anything new. But this one, at least, had a great cast.

Nuts Entertainment has some inspired moments (I used to find Balakubak really funny but lately they have become a bunch of misogynists) and their irreverence is beginning to grate. But Joey de Leon is still brilliant - when he chooses to be, which is rare nowadays.

There is nothing to watch on the local channels.


Jepoy said…
i've watched Gulong ng Palad from to start to finish... :P
jairam said…
Looks like you are a kapuso more than a kapamilya, he he. I don't watch local channels, they suck big time :(
I hope we get to watch the likes of DAVAO and CEBU. I so remember DLR Enterprises with Rosemarie Gil as the matriarch.
hao-wei said…
There's nothing to watch on local channels, yet you obviously watch a lot on the local channels. Keep watching and critiquing! It might make people think about what they're watching.
Jen said…
... the local channels i used to watch sporadically... i got hooked wth at most 3 telenovelas but only until the networks decided to stretch the one-week storylines into months because of recaps, prologues and credits (you said it so truthfuly!)...

has anyone noticed that actors speak much much slower on television? it really gets boring... i wonder how people could last long waiting for the lines to be delivered!

i stopped watching the television a few months ago... i had our cable cut off because no one was watching television... I just read the newspaper or surf the net for the news. frankly, is there anything new? or of value that we can get from the local channels? ... just wondering
vina said…
haha, looks like somebody has been following local shows.

so what shows do you like?
Anonymous said…
i live here in the states, and i tell yoou that there is nothing good to watch in local television here either. cable killed lokal television.

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