Back, kinda

Am blogging from an internet cafe in Tacloban where the ambience is that of a warzone. I wonder why they still call it an internet cafe when practically everyone here except for the college student in uniform at the far corner and myself (we are a sorry minority) are so engrossed decapitating limbs and spraying bullets - virtually, yes, but then imagination is far more potent that reality. I actually am a little deaf now - and I have only been here 20 minutes.

This cafe has signs all over announcing that minors are not allowed inside unless there is parental consent. I am tempted to ask the girl at the counter if they ask for a notarized parental consent or if they simply take the kids' word that they have it because practically half of the people inside this cafe are below 12 years old. I wonder what kind of adults they grow up to become - half deaf I suppose, and violent.

I am going back to Manila tomorrow. In the last five days, I have not read a single newspaper nor watched television - and I couldn't believe how relaxing it has been. I did get to finish four books - all light reading materials (Jeffrey Archer, David Baldacci, Rohinton Mistry and Ninotchka Rosca) so I guess it was all worth it.

Anyway, just wanted to reconnect. I gotta get out of here before my eardrums are totally shattered.


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