Jamby weeps and I was moved

All those negative comments about me must have transformed me into an emotional robot. This is probably a mean thing to say, and I am truly, truly sorry Senator Jajajajamby Madrigal, please do not cry again, but I just have to tell you that drama does not suit you. Do not do it again please. Weeping buckets and Judy Ann Santos may go together, but she is not in the Senate, even if many actually voted for her. It was her image that you paid for, not really her persona, so no need to bring the actress into the halls of the senate, please.

But it was a very moving experience to watch the Senator being overcome by so much grief because Senator Enrile accused her parents of partying with the Marcoses. I never laughed so hard in the last two weeks.

Dear senators, you are funny. But if we wanted comedy, we would pay people who are funnier for a teeny-weeny percentage of what we pay you. So please drop it.


My schedule this week is truly hectic - I have workshops to run every day and lectures to do in the evening. Thus, I am not able to respond to emails or comments. Besides, I have been ordered by my friends not to respond and defend myself anymore. But quick, quick responses:

To those who continue to email me privately asking why Jojo Robles of Manila Standard refuses to acknowledge me as the author of that letter - I have only this response: I have no idea. I don't know the guy personally. But I am sure he has his reasons.

I now know that there are some dividends to be had from being pseudo-famous, foremost of which is getting emails from friends and relatives one hasn't heard from in ages. Sorry I have not been able to respond - but I will. Promise.

Meantime, have a safe week ahead everyone!


jec ailes said…
I don't want to comment about crying jamby but i can't help it, excuse me, if i were Jamby I would take this issue to the UN just like what she did when she got hosed in a rally, lol
acidboy said…
jamby obviously does not know that old saying, ya mess wit da bull ya get da horns.

somebody must tell that poor little rich girl that her dramatic prowess will never get the people to feel for her. us pinoys might be dumb but we are not THAT dumb. and now imee tells the press nanay ni jamby blue lady?! hahaha! somebody could cook a big plate of omelette out of those eggs in jamby's face!
jec ailes said…
I don't want to comment on this funny(?) item about Jamby but excuse me for I can't help it. I bet Jamby would file complaint against Johnny at the UN just like what she did when she was hosed in a rally and when she didn't understand the 1017. har! har! har!
gabriel allon said…
Yo dude!

Keep it coming man. I make it a point to check your blog once a day. In fact, it is something I look forward to reading everyday. Unlike before when I used to enjoy inq7. now, all they print is malice and hearsay..anything to sell a paper. geesh..

Now iIjust skim the Phils. online daily broadsheets for laughs. Their front pages are the funny pages.

There is a good article by antonio abaya in the manila standard today about, freedom of depress(as he call it)..check it out..


I think he is right. These knuckleheads cry press freedom and sensationalize every story they can get their hands on..guess they learned a thing or two from the front pages of Abante/Peoples Tonight. Sex, Violence, Intrigue, Back biting, Denials, Coup attempts, etc. etc.

They(the columnists) never write about about anything good happening in the Philippines. Seems that all the columnists are obssessed with GMA and all bad things about her. I bet if there was a tsunami or an earthquake(God forbid) that took place in Manila, the opposition and the columnists would blame that on her too.

Oh, well...
Gods Gifts said…
The senate suspended their session earlier than usual due to Jamby's Drama... Another wasted oppurtunity for them to do what they should be doing...

The SENATE is truly the an EXPENSIVE law making body with just 4 bills passed last 2005 with almost 1.8 BILLION pesos expenditures = thats 400+ million per bill. HANEP!!!
Anonymous said…
funny how imee kinda stood up for enrile in this case...diba mortal enemy din ng mga marcos si JPE cause he turned on them?
taga-Iyam said…
I was watching the Jamby drama on TV....the "lady" has to stop acting like she can say anything to anyone and then act like she is the victim. She gets what she deserves.....you joined the game, then fight it out "clean and square".....Stop blaming PGMA when you find yourself in a hole....you put yourself in this situation....politics is the name of the game dalawa lang ang klase nang tao sa politics nang bansa...." ang nanalo o ang dinaya" Para atang dala mong parehong category.....pasalamat ka and enjoy your place while you are ahead....
Anonymous said…
You're right Bong, I couldn't help laughing and smirking, too, kasi di ba pareho ang family nya at si Enrile na lackeys ng mga Marcoses noon, and then ngayon the pot and the palayok are calling each other black. Hahaha binisto nila pareho ang associations nila noon na mukhang nalimutan na or nabaon ngayon, after all pareho silang nasa Senado ngayon! For those who are younger, yang aunt nyang si Jamby na si Chito Madrigal-Collantes ay married sa Collantes na cabinet member din ni Marcos noon. O ano tama si Enrile, they party together! Either she doesn't know it dahil she was, at the time, exiled in some European boarding school to learn a useless language or she is just plain stupid (which is more likely the case).
Anyway, Enrile's case about overhearing her (he's with Tatad, the cute Information minister of Marcos)talk to someone about buying votes and the fact that he shut up about it until now when they NEED to throw mud at each other speaks volumes about all of them being cheats, Sino nga ba sa kanila ang hindi, and then they rant against GMA? Please excuse me for staying away from these people with their rallies!!!
Anonymous said…
if this is the type of antics we get from our honorable lawmakers per se', then, we as people and a nation is much more deeper in the hole than i thought.
Anonymous said…
Hi Bong,
Wasn't it just a few months ago wherein Senator Jamby got hosed along with Fr. Robert Reyes and Teofisto Guingona?
well, well, well, I guess a quote from one of Shakespere's plays aptly describes her...
"...methinks the lady protests too much."
Look what she's got herself into now.


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