Getting Infamous

I never thought a simple blog entry would create such furor. The open letter that I wrote has spread like wildfire. I was told it was the topic at a talk show at ANC today with Pia discussing the contents of the letter with Randy David. Some of my friends were able to watch it, and they said my letter was read phrase by phrase and Randy was asked to react. As usual and as expected, Randy intellectualized and ideologized the discussion daw. Ho humm. In the end, sabi daw ni Randy "mukhang galit na galit itong si Mr. Austero." Obvious ba, Randy, eh yun nga ang first sentence nung letter eh!!! If you are reading this ANC people, next time invite me! I would love to square off with those morons.

I also got an inquiry from a group who wanted to know if I would allow them to use the letter in a paid advertisement which they will pay for. I said yes, provided, I get to see who the other signatories are. Mamaya eh mga pulitiko din, wag na lang, anonymous na lang.

I get an average of 20-30 emails a day all thanking me for writing that letter and expressing 100% agreement with the contents. These are people I don't even know - and the return path of the emails amaze me - they go through like 5, 6 forwards.

There was one and only one email that expressed opposition - in a twisted way. This guy or girl wrote "Last I looked, this is a free country, so keep your opinions to yourself." Huh? Where's the logic? I did not bother to respond. Besides the person did not even sign the email.

So to all of you guys who forwarded the letter to your friends - thank you!!! Promise, pag sumikat ako, babatiin ko kayo sa TV. hahaha. Wish lang.


jtagregado said…
Galing. text mo kami pag asa tv ka ha. lolz
jher said…
dapat pala may fee kami sa pag promote ng letter. lol
joey said…
hi bong, thanks for that open letter. jher posted it on our inq7 anniversary blog, and it's gotten a lot of responses.

hey jher, thanks for posting it on our blog.

jher said…
joey - you are welcome. hahaha di ko nga pala to blog bat ako sumasagot. lol.
Betty said…
bong, I admire you. sana marami pang tulad mo sa pinas para di naman nagagago ang mga kababayan natin dun ng mga pulitikong pulpol. okey naman ingles mo, mas magaling ka pa nga kesa mga kanong dito lumaki sa amerika. anong typo-typo. your message is clear enough for us to understand and react to. yes, anonymous, Philippines is a free country, kaya nga di ka pwedeng magsabi sa kapwa mo na manahimik na lang sya! pabayaan mong magsulat sya ng nilalaman ng dibdib nya at magsalita sya hanggang gusto nya.
Agree ako dyan betty...Sulong....
Anonymous said…

After dropping my subscription to the Inquirer, I finally found a reason to visit its site - just to get to read your letter in Rina Jimenez David's column. The next best thing was to find a blog where I could reach you just to say kudos for a finely crafted letter. Bro, your letter finally found resonance in so many people. I got a copy of it in my email then forwarded it to my entire address book only to get more forwarded copies day after day. I guess many people out there feel the same way you do.
Thanks for putting into words what many of us feel - those santimonious fools needed to be reminded that they did not have a monopoly on ideas about how to right the wrongs of this country.
Just like you, I am no fan of PGMA but we've got to give credit where it's due. She's trying her best inspite of these morons who think they know the answer to all our problems.
Yes, you're right. Who told them to fight for us? Puhleez! That sullen look of Randy David does not help any. Every time these denizens of doom open their mouths, I get angrier. When will they ever get it that EDSA is a one-off thing that should be left in the past?
Keep writing. You provide a necessary link for people like us who are just sick and tired of all this silliness. Like you, I work my butt off every single day to look after my family's needs and that of my employees'. We need the likes of these destabilizers like a bullet in the head.
More power.
bugjuice said…
mr. bong, dude, if they invite you to ANC to defend your views dont forget to invite me along. I'll back you up! Kating kati na ako maki pag debate sa mga yan e, and i'm soooo ready. Handa na defense ko, and it isn't your usual catcalls and jeers that cong. cayetano, marcos and those militants resort to when they get interviewed. It will be reasonable and logical. Just post your email and i'll contact you! Let's get it on!!!! hahaha!

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