And the plot thickens...

One person (I will not mention his name kasi baka sumikat pa) wrote a very detailed rejoinder to my letter. He essentially debunked the points. This is my response.

I wrote the letter Sunday evening, right after the "standoff" at Fort Bonifacio was supposedly resolved. I wrote it in an hour's time. I wrote it for my blog, and sent it to 20 of my closest friends. I did not send it to this or other email groups; others did that on their own. I am amazed that that letter has gone around the world, been read on television, and published in newspapers.

I am amazed that many people wrote me emails thanking me for expressing what is in their hearts and expressed complete agreement. I am equally amazed at the savagery and the personal attack-mode of those who did not agree with the email (I got about three from more than a hundred). I am told that Randy David tore my arguments to pieces in one forum where I was not invited to. I chose not to nitpick.

I expect that there will be people out there armed with a more incisive mind or better debating skills or more comprehensive propaganda material (all of which I do not have at the moment) who will and can debunk my letter. They are welcome to do that. Others can out-debate me, out-fact me, out-argue me - that still doesn't make me wrong. I stand by my feelings and opinions.

If what I said does not meet the intellectual requirements, or do not pass the moral standards of some people; I do not see that as my problem - unlike other people, I never claimed to be absolutely right or morally correct. I only claimed to be these: angry, sick and tired, and wants to move on.

Some people disagree with me, and my message to them is simple: by all means disagree. Just do not tell me that I am not entitled to my feelings or my opinions. That letter was addressed to specific people and nothing in that letter tried to lump everyone who is anti-GMA as being of a certain category. So there really is no need trash each other in the process, even if people felt alluded to.

I have great respect for people who advocate for certain moral truths; people who are willing to die fighting for freedom and rights; people who believe that tyrants exist because there are people who accept being slaves.
I salute them. I really do.

But I have greater respect for people who manifest that there, too, is nobility, there, too, is dignity in accepting certain moral weaknesses.

There is dignity in fighting for an ideal, but there is dignity too in the acceptance of certain realities. I believe in my heart of hearts that there is nobility in accepting that many Filipinos just want to move on, even if it is morally wrong for others, even if we think that that is the unconscionable thing to do. I think we can all learn from the millions of Filipinos who are the real heroes of this country: the Filipino overseas contract workers. They do not pin their hopes on just one person; they have taken matters into their own hands, sacrified their freedoms and their personal comforts and rights for the sake of the country and their children. There are many who judge them for selling out - but there, too, is nobility in what they do.

I did not write that letter to debate with other people. People can narrate the 1,000,000 reasons why GMA should be hanged. I have only one response: the democracy that you claim to fight for is a double-edged sword, it also protects GMA as much as it does you. And one of its basic tenets is this: innocent until proven guilty.

People picked up my letter on their own. The fact that they did, that they forwarded it to others and the fact that this letter has become an issue is indicative of one thing: there are many others who feel the same way as I do.

I guess there are many of us out there who are just so wrong. Should we also be kicked out of this country for not measuring up to the moral standard?


Joey said…
you have my support, mr. austero
neva said…
i'm glad that your open letter has been making the rounds. Because the truth is, all these politicians have been hogging and clogging the limelight, polluting the airwaves with their rants and raves -- it's time that the sentiments of the ORDINARY PEOPLE of this country -- those without political agendas or vested interests -- were heard.

And you didnt expect it, but your Open Letter has been that catalyst that was needed to put these politicians and their supporters on the defensive.

I'm truly disappointed in Mr. Randy David. I thought that he, of all people, would see how ridiculous these attempts at ousting the current government are. That he would realize that the best thing for this country is to focus on SOLVING the biggest problems it currently faces -- and GMA is NOT one of the biggest problems we have today. (I guess Mr. David is starting to get caught up with his own political ambitions).

Sure, the Garci tapes scandal is shocking. The President cheated during the national elections. Sure, so did the rest of the candidates, whether they won or lost. It's not as if people actually DIDN'T KNOW that there was rampant cheating everytime we have elections. The Opposition was given a forum, and several opportunities to try the President. It was on TV, all over the news, the radios -- all of their smear campaigns and propaganda.

But they never were able to present a solid case to the court and did not even succeed in brainwashing the majority of the public in spite of their media blasts.

And like the brats and bullies they were, they could not leave it at that. Hence, the ridiculous circus that ensued for the past two weeks.

Your letter was a tall drink of water in this desert of opportunism and politicking. I actually believe now that Filipinos are getting smarter. We knew better than to take to the streets with these hooligans and we knew enough to go on with our daily lives, working hard for our families and for the economy.

And from the many positive responses to your letter, I am starting to believe that a real change is possible with this generation. Thanks again.
Reg said…
The open letter you made is probably one of the most impressive things we've seen in months. Yeah...that, and Rustom's "ta-dah" on live television.
christopher007 said…
I am just here to say I agree with you, wholeheartedly. I wanna be counted lest these morons think you belong to a small sector of our society.

saw ur post in a forum and I tell you a lot of people there agree...
KaRex said…
I admire your eloquence and knowledge of the truth about the feelings of the silent majority. You hit the nail in the head!!These foulmouthed and greedy "oppositionists" are really the clear and present danger affecting our country. They organized themselves into unholy alliance with the common goal of gaining power and curtailing democracy. About Randy David and Quiroz et al, they belong to the same group as Abat and Gungongna (senile old men)
Keep up the good work.
Phoenix said…
I figured a writing like your open letter will come out soon. And yeah, there's a lot of us who feels the same way yet can't put the pissed off feelings into writing. Thank you Mr. Austero, hopefully your letter puts a blanket of representation around the people whose message can't be heard, because the message is advocating silence.
Joey said…
oh by the way, you'll dig this.
q8 said…
Keep it up... it means the middle class pinoy are sick and tired of this people who are thinking of themselves alone rather than the country, beltran,ocampo, teddy casino, and my God of all the people mr randy david, we are not expecting na makikisawsaw ka sa mga taong hayok sa katungkulan and what comes next...nakawin ang yaman ng bayan... okey granted gma cheated in the election, fine when was the time that phils have a clean and honest election... and for gma just do things which you think is good for the country and we the ofw here in kuwait is supporting you...just keep on writing mr austero we need people like you now...
BongA said…
Joey, neva, reg, christopher, karex, joey, q8, and everyone else out there:

Thank you very much for the support. I am truly touched that people are coming together to express support and affirm each other in these difficult times. I guess it is time for people like us to be heard too.

Bong Austero
Anonymous said…
like everyone out there who belong to the quiet majority - i too agree with you. enough is enough! let's just get this country on the road - and that road is certainly not EDSA. What our government officials, opposition, leftists, PAID army coup launchers must know : the true spirit of EDSA people power is not because of Cory, Cardinal Sin, Ramos, Enrile or Honasan. The true spirit of EDSA is the power to combine every Filipino's frustration and voice out their strong desire to right a wrong and change the way our government runs our country.
Bong, I find that the EDSA spirit is here in your blog. Cory,her relatives, and all those who think they can rally us to go back to EDSA should think twice. This is the Filipino today -awakened and aware of the events that are unfolding now. We see the hidden political interests, the hidden agendas, the manipulations of the poor - all the stinking ways for everyone pro and opposition,to stay in power, keep their political dynasties intact and retain their wealth. (And mind you - we are also watching GMA.)
I've been to EDSA twice: one to oust Marcos, the other to oust Estrada. If you'll google it, these two are part of the world's corrupt people - and they come from the Philippines. Yes we have that corrupt distinction! We are indeed a disorganized nation with leaders who think they can run our country the way they want to, as if we, do not exist. Well think again. That EDSA spirit is alive! It does not move because Cory says go to EDSA, screams GMA resign, or unifies with Estrada or Susan Roces or the Marcoses. The spirit of EDSA will resurrect at the right time, with the right cause!!!
I agree - Cory, shut up! And also tell your brother to stop planning coups. And since you're good friends now with the Estradas and the Marcoses, tell them to shut up too! Go get a job, get to work like the rest of us who are trying to earn a living quietly and would like weekends FREE of coups and destabilization attempts!!!!! And GMA, get back to work, too!!!
Anonymous said…
Bong, Ill never tire sharing your blogsite with all the people I know. Finally, our voices are being heard! Keep on writing my friend.
Anonymous said…
Thank you for articulating what I've been thinking and feeling about what has been happening since the anti-gma politicos started their work.

I think you wrote a great letter. Who cares about mixed metaphors? What matters is the spirit of your open letter. It's still going the rounds and still being discussed in e-groups. I found your blog because of one such discussion. I think you write honestly and you're good at words. It's wonderful to know that there are people like you who take time to maintain sites like this as an alternative to usual media.

Anonymous said…
dito na tayo!!! walang galit, walang pikon, walang bastusan!!!

iboto...este...wag na. trabaho na lang tayong lahat...
HUE&ME said…
You're our voice, Mr. Austero. Let US be heard!!

Write more letters like this one.. Mabuhay!
emily said…
thank you, sir. that just about sums up everything most of us feel.
Anonymous said…
salamat sa katotohanang pahayag sa liham mo kaibigan. ito ang sigaw o bulong nang bawat pilipino sa mga opisyal nang gobyerno o politico nang bayan para gumising sa katotoanan. gising na si juan dela cruz sa bagong bukas na binigyan nang liwanag nang liham mo.
Hernan said…
Hi uli Bang,
Sabi mo si Randy David tore you letter to pieces in one forum. Ibig sabihin nuon may laman ang letter mo, di ba? I could just imagine his face while ranting against your piece.Kung talagang may sense of fair play siya, dapat inimbita ka para makasagot ka. On the second thought, why waste you saliva and time with those kind? Ignore mo sila para tumaas ang bp nila.
kayak said…
Tama si kabayang Anonymous, at 6:06 PM. Ilipat na natin ang diwa ng EDSA dito sa blog na ito at tayo ay magkaisa upang ipahayag sa buong mundo na ang mga PILIPINO ay hindi sadyang mga tanga at madaling bilogin ang kaisipan ng mapanlinlang na mga ideyolohiya at adhikain ng mga mapagkunwaring uri. Sana ay ipagpatuloy mo kapatid na Bong ang iyong nasimulan. Manalig ka na narito ako at maaari kong sabihing KAMI dahil alam kong sadyang mas nakakarami ang nanahimik subalit nakikiramdam sa mga pangyayaring nagaganap sa ating lipunan ngunit ayaw makihalo sa mga kilusang wala namang mabuting idudulot sa ating bansa kundi pagkawatakwatak at pakikipaglaban upang ang mga imbing kaisipan ng mga mapagkunwaring tagapagtanggol ng ating mga karapatan at kalayan ang siyang manaig at siyang ikakapariwara ng ating inang bayan. Para sa mga hunyanongong ito, ang ating sigaw ay. "TAMA NA!" Tama na sa mga karahasan, paninira, kasinugalingan, pagkukunwari at pagkagahaman sa kapangyarihan. Itaguyod ang kapayapaan, pagsisikap, katotohanan, katuwiran, at bayanihan upang mapaunlad ang ating bayan. Huwag na natin pang lalong ibaon sa kahirapan bagkus tayo ay magtulungan higit sa lahat ngayon. May takdang panahon para ipahayag ang ating saloobin at sa tama at mapayapang paraan di tulad ng sa ngayon ay pinaiiral ng ibig na magharing sukab na di alintana kung ang buong bayan man ay malugmok sanhi ng kasiraang inihahasik ng kanilang mga gawa. Tayo ay magkaisa sa pananaw na ang Pilipino ay kayang mangibabaw sa lahat ng pagsubok na politikal, pangekonomiya at maging sa moral na kaayosan tanda ng pagsulong ng ating kaisipan upang malayang makipagtagisan ng kakayahan sa buong mundo. Ako ay Pilipino at mahal ko ang bayan ko. Di ko na kailangan pang maging mapanumbat, mapaghabi ng mga kasinungalingan, mambuyo, sa mga walang muwang sa kung ano ang tunay na kaayusan, maging marahas, at higit sa lahat mapagkunwaring nagmamahal sa sariling bayan gayong ang gawa't mga himutok ay hambalos na naglulugmok sa inang bayan. Sa inyo na sa sa ngayon ay nagnanais na mapatalsik ang ating pangulo sa ano mang paraan,at di alintana ang mangyaring kung ang ano pa man, ikaw ay katulad ng hunghang nag mamanukan na sa pagnanais na malinis sa higad ang kulungan ay hahayaan ng tupukin ng apoy ang bahay manukan? Gumising ka kung mahal mo ang iyong bayan!
TheCrespo said…
Let me call you a friend. Your voice is resonating in the right frequency..Please keep up the good work.

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