Through Reading Glasses

I knew it was bound to happen; I just did not think it would happen twice in a year.

I am talking about upgrading the lenses of my reading glasses. I started wearing reading glasses only in May lasy year (I started wearing glasses for astigmatism since I was in Grade 5 though). Months after, I started having headaches, which meant getting new reading glasses again. And then this week, the symptoms came back and I had to march to the opthalmologist's clinic (again!). She prescribed higher grade reading glasses. Arrrghhh.

I do not like wearing reading glasses. I abhor the idea of having to take off my regular glasses and wearing a new pair just for reading. I know, I know...I should get progressive glasses (I am not very vain but wearing doble vista glasses just won't cut it for me). Problem is, I am also a person who wants instant gratification. I do not like waiting four days for a new pair of glasses - I want them pronto.

Sigh. I am getting old.


crespo said…
Dont worry Bong, You're not the only one.

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