Of coups and other Pinoy pastimes

Talks about a coup run high towards the weekend. On Friday morning, classes were cancelled and the roads were deserted. I travelled to Antipolo from Manila in less than 40 minutes, a feat short of a miracle. I passed by EDSA and turned right to La Vista and Katipunan right in front of the People Power Monument and was met by a phalanx of military men all geared up for war. Wow. A showdown was looming. I wondered if people would come. More to the point, I wondered if I would show up at EDSA if someone did call for people power again. The fact that I actually thought about it was indicative of just how people are tired of the whole thing.

By lunch time, the television sets at the Training Center's dining rooms were all glued to the media coverage of the "events at EDSA." The TV stations cancelled their regular programming to devote full coverage of the "unfolding" events. By merely listening to the hysterical running commentary of the broadcasters, one would conclude that a million people have showed up at EDSA, or that Malacanang had been overpowered. The broadcasters kept on talking about an impending, forthcoming, expected, looming event - but none happened. They kept on talking about rallyists, about throngs of people, but their cameras couldn't show the bodycount. The roads were deserted. All that media hype was just that - hype. In fact, the coverage bordered on egging on a confrontation just so that they could report something exciting.

By afternoon, the TV stations resumed their regular programming. They probably figured out that cartoons were definitely more exciting than the so-called events unfolding at Ayala. It turns out only about 15,000 people showed up and most of these were core leftists (who rally about anything and everything everyday), Erap loyalists, and Brother Eddie's religious flock. By 7pm, the crowd had been dispersed. All that posturing by the opposition people have gone to naught. The people did not come.

Here's why. At least here's why I did not go:

1. As much as I think the President had done something wrong, and as much as I believe that there are more than 1 million people who are just as capable to become president, the people clamoring for GMA's resignation or removal from office has not been able to propose a viable alternative.

2. I may not like GMA, but I abhor, detest, hate ERAP even more. I love Cory, but sorry, I just can not stomach seeing her beside Erap cronies. It simply is not right.

3. If GMA cheated and she did not win the elections - then she placed second. The supposed winner is now dead. Had there been a protest and a recount, it would have taken this long to determine the actual results of the election so GMA would have been proclaimed just the same. People did not vote for De Castro for President. Many did vote for GMA for President.

4. I truly just want this country to move on. I am sick and tired of all these power struggle.


jef said…
The reason they don't offer any alternatives is mainly because they have NONE.

They got no roadmap or any map for that matter where Filipinos could navigate in these trying times.

Ah, I know what they got...a mouth full of bull****. Democracy in its fullest essence is really good, but sometimes I rather be in a country where a leader should put border in all kinds of freedom.

Freedom, within my limited understanding, has limitations.
Miden said…
I think those media outlets wanted to see GMA forced out of office during that day. I think those media companies are just plain bias. they don't like GMA at all. People Power no longer works now a days. People are just tired of going to Edsa and rally about anything they don't like about GMA.
Anonymous said…
Don't you think ABS-CBN has the most to gain in case GMA is evicted out of Malacanang?

-FWA, Quezon City
Anonymous said…
it's just a diversionary tactics of ABS-CBN so that the people will forget about thier case in the ULTRA stampede....
sixfootflat said…
I'm laughing and crying at the same time.
I used to post at INQ7's Talking Points long before the last coup attemt. I noticed today that more and more postings are against the oppositions. It seems to me that the whole tide is changing. Thank you for the open letter.

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