Monday Rage

I am sick and tired of the way those idiots at ABS-CBN are churning out all kinds of senseless yarn. Please, enough of this "nobody wanted it to happen," "we just wanted to entertain and make people happy," "we are all victims, here" line of reasoning. The only official statement that makes sense is this: we are responsible and we will face up to the responsibility. All anyone needs to do is review all the footage of Wowowee days prior to the stampede and see for yourself how they enticed and practically promised everyone a reward just for them to go to Ultra. They did it for the sake of ratings!

Cut the crap and sentimentality, pay up, and make sure this does not happen again.


I am up to here with these so-called experts that say desperation and poverty caused people to line up at Ultra and get crushed. Oh puhlease! It is insulting to the poor. The people who were at Ultra did not even comprise .1% of the total number of Filipinos living in abject poverty. Poverty wasn't the reason why people went there.


Will someone please tell that crybaby Willie Revillame to stop bawling on TV? Sooner or later, someone will get to the the irresponsible statements he made to entice people to go to Ultra and when the time comes, he better have something better than his bawling. His bawling only highlights and validates the fact that this is a person whose heart is in the right place, indeed, but unfortunately, all the other parts seem to be in the wrong places (if they exist at all).


What is with Cory Aquino? There are talks that she has entered into an alliance with Joseph Estrada, Susan Roces and their ilk. In fact, there were pictures in the news today showing them with Senate President Frank Drilon. This is so wrong!!! The moment Cory hooks up with the Erap side, she is spoiled goods politically. People may not like GMA, but I think they dislike Erap even more.


Reg said…
Good day, Sir.

I was telling my "soon-to-be domestic companion" how big-time my CSB HR profs are, so we googled your name and Mr. Deans' two minutes ago. Behold...a blogspot, among many other sites displaying your PMAP crown. Interesting. Hahaha.

-Ofiana HRM

*By the way, is there any way you can help us with our thesis? If it's not too much to ask of you...
jtagregado said…
Naks. Bong, your students are starting to discover you blog. hehe Eyst, additional people to read you blog din yan ha (aside sa 1400++ people who actually go to your blog and read what you have posted)
jtagregado said…
i mean, YOUR blog, not YOU blog. sorry. typo error :)
Neva said…
Hey, Mr. Austero. I think Cory started her foot-stamping against GMA when the Supreme Court ruled against the Cojuangcos in the Hacienda Luisita case. I'm sure you recall how her land-grabbing clan disregarded the Agrarian Reform program of GMA and kept 60% ownership of their land (land that was supposed to be turned over to the famers). Several farmer-massacres later, GMA finally called the Cojuangcos up to task. That's when Cory took up the rosary again and started speaking out against the immorality of the current goverment. Coincidence?
crespo said…
You are a man of knowlege Bong. it is not just the english bocabulary that other people may think. I enjoy all of your writings. More power to you.

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