Just Another Weekend in Chaotic Manila in dear Old RP

For many Pinoys, Friday and Saturday were quite stressful, thanks to the antics of politicians and media people. They huffed and they puffed and tried to create pandemonium. In the end, what I and many others have been saying all along came to bear - people are just tired of this people power thing. People just want to move on.

So I was looking forward to a stress-free Sunday.

Alas, it wasn't meant to be. By 5:00 pm, the TV stations were again breaking their regular programming to report on a supposed brewing incident at Fort Bonifacio. Again, lots of huffing and puffing and spellmaking. The usual suspects immediately descended on the scene like vultures on the lookout for blood. Imee Marcos, Teofisto Guingona, Nino Muhlach, and the leftists were all there. Media people tried to make it appear that there was something truly worthwhile happening that justified all that precious airtime being laid to waste (the kids in the house could not understand why Going Bulilit was being cancelled). I know how this is going to end - with the status quo.

I almost fell off my chair when I saw the leftists there. Huh? These are people who have spent all their lives condemning military people as fascists and all of a sudden, they support te marines? I know that there are no permanent enemies in politics, only permanent interests. But for crying out loud, whatever happened to their ideological struggle?

In the meantime, the Inquirer weekend magazine features APO Hiking Society's Jim Paredes who is migrating to Australia. This is sad and tragic. Jim is a nationalist, a veteran of the EDSA revolution, and a foremost Pinoy artist. If someone like Jim is deserting the Philippines, then this is a portent of things to come.

By 8pm, I decided to read a book. Ho hummm.


jef said…
I couldn't agree more bro! C'mon all these political morons should step out from this country and find themselves a suitable country to destroy.Sooo many stupid politicians-- we should export them.

Sana meron tayong game show on which we could choose via text message kung sino sa mga opposition and leftist ang unahing ipakain sa buwaya o pating.

I'm tired of their ranting and mindless games. The fact is, many people are soo friggin tired of their political bickering. They should move on and see the load of works piled on their desks. We are not paying them through our taxes to wander around and act as the champion of the masses.

Because if they were, they should be helping digging the remains of the Leyte tragedy or giving alms to the poor.

I hope they will just evaporate...good riddance.
BongA said…
Amen! Today, I actually felt like vomiting when Saycon, Cojuangco and the rest began washing their hands in public. They had the nerve to deny the TIME magazine article which detailed their participation in failed coup attempt. Walang mga bayag! Kainis.
Anonymous said…
ganyan ang mga leftists, gagamitin lahat kahit maki-chika sa mga marcoses at marines. isasanla ang kaluluwa, wala namang diyos sa komunista e, pero makikita mo nakikidasal kila cory. pero ingat kayo, ang plano ng mga yan, guluhin ang pilipinas, tapos sila ang eeksena...sounds like "divide and conquer strategy"... kaya abot tenga ngiti nila joma sa netherlands ngayon kasi nagkakagulo e.

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