Visting IRC...Again

Where was I?

As I was saying, there was a point in time, not very long ago (ehem), when I lived to chat. I would log on to the net (and the IRC) upon getting home, and chat with friends and strangers until dawn. And at work the following day (technically speaking, later is more appropriate as those were days when I averaged 4-5 hours of sleep), I would cyberloaf shamelessly - as in chat while working, or at least while going through the motions of working.

I would meet up for lunch with friends (yes, my friends from the irc - we had regular lunches to talk about, what else, but life on and the people in the IRC and the channels we hibernated in), and then go back to work (and the IRC). After a hard day's work (chatting 80% and working 20%), we (and this means the IRC pals still) would meet up at SM Mega Mall for dinner, or bowling, or sing along, or whatever. And then it was time to go home...and chat again.

It was crazy. And looking back, I still can not believe the extent to which my friends and I were truly addicted to chatting.

It was fun though, although, fun in an escapist sort of way. To many, chatting was the only real contact with the outside world, the only means of interaction with other people. Not that we were introverted or painfully shy. There was just something about thinking and seeing your thoughts in actual words, rather than hearing them that was somehow satisfying.

I don't know how and why we sort of lost interest in chatting. The channels we formed got less and less human traffic and it just died a natural death. Every now and then, we would see familiar nicks register in our notify lists, but after the customary hi-hello-how are you - conversations would sputter and come to painfully long moments of silence as we struggled to think of what to say next. Eventually, we stopped chatting.

I guess it is true, we eventually outgrow everything.


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