Short hair again

After almost three years, I finally had it with itchy face, bad hair days, triple shampoo and conditioner expense, etc., etc. So yesterday, right after the Pacquiao-Morales fight, I marched into the neighborhood "beauty saloon" (for men and women, the sign said), bravely resisted all kinds of offers for all sorts of expensive things one can do to one's hair and insisted on a haircut.

"Sir, rebond?! Cheap lang!"
No thanks, just a haircut.

"Sayang naman your long hair. Maybe we can just trim it, layer it, and then relax."
No thanks, just a haircut please.

"Maybe we can cut it tapos we can wax it to make it shine."
No thanks, just a haircut pretty please.

"Hot oil na lang sir, tapos pedicure na at foot spa na din kayo."
No thanks, just a haircut and an axe and a shotgun please.

After 30 minutes, the long tresses were gone, and I could see my big wide ugly face again- fat deposits and all. Unfortunately, the hair style did not come anywhere close to the one in the poster they showed me. According to the hairdresser, it would soon be, i.e., after two weeks when the hair has started to grow some volume; at which point, I wanted to tell her that if she cut correctly, I wouldnt have to grow the hairstyle anymore since I had very long hair to begin with. But then again, I knew it was futile to argue since in all honesty, I did not approximate the face in the poster to begin with not to mention the fact that she was holding a pair of scissors. Actually, I was afraid the harassed hairdresser would tell me "I just cut hair, I do not do magic that could transform Jules Ledesma into looking like Brad Pitt." Why Jules Ledesma? Long story. Forget it.

Anyway. I am not really sure I like my new hairstyle. But then again, I never did like any hairstyle on myself. More to the point, I never really cared about my hairstyle. Up until three years ago, I only had one and only one hairstyle - barber's cut. I never was fussy about my hair.

There. Just wanted to share something about myself.

And yes, I have a lawyer although I do not intend to sue the hairdresser.


jtagregado said…
oh yeah. Its back to the Jules Ledesma look. mwahaha
BongA said…
i was actually tempted to copy your hairstyle but i guess I can't do a jullie yap daza as well as you do. bwahahaha
BongA said…
i was actually tempted to copy your hairstyle but i guess I can't do a jullie yap daza as well as you do. bwahahaha
jtagregado said…
oiisst sensitive sya haha. naks. tempted to copy my hairstyle. idol mo ko noh mwehehehe
jtagregado said…
sa totoo lang bong. bagay naman ata sa yo yan eh. di ka lang sanay (i dont blame you, almost 3 years kang long hair eh. nakakapanibago nga naman)
jher said…
sayang dapat di mo na sya pinagupit. pina cobra mo na lang sya ala zsa zsa padilla. o kaya tirintas then wrap around the hair like lady choi sa jewel in the palace. LOL
BongA said…
so anak ni lady han si jung geam or whatever her name is?
jtagregado said…
hindi sya anak ni lady han. yung nanay ni jung guem ay yung kaibigan ni lady han.

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