Pacman mania

Unlesss you have totally given up on Filipinos and have decided that there is absolutely no hope whatsoever for the Philippines and its countrymen, you could not have missed the greatest spectacle this country has ever seen since The Estrada Impeachment Trial. The roads were practically empty and when the TV coverage of the fight started, you could hear every television set in the neighborhood tuned in.

What a fight it truly was. Am no great boxing fan but I was suddenly an expert on the game contributing my own two-cents worth into the very heated and animated blow by blow commentary in my household. Everytime PacMan would score a hit, the whole neighborhood would be in uproar. The last time I heard something similar (but not quite close) was many years ago when Jaworski was still playing for Ginebra and a championship match was on.

What a great moment to be Filipino again!

I wasn't surprised that immediately after everyone it seemed had something to say on the matter (yes, including me!). The President immediately called Pacman on the phone to congratulate him and the phone conversation was aired on TV as well. Why, even the stars of ABS-CBN had something to say about the victory as well.

A friend of mine who happens to live in Texas texted me to tell me that Filipinos in that state were feeling so victorious they were streaming out of their houses and driving around waving the Filipino flag in front of the hotel where Pacman was billeted.

I hope that Pacman's victory would bring some respite from all the divisive and childish taunting of our leaders. Let's savor unity for a while, please.


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