Dating daan vs INC

I know I have been harping on this for some time now but I just can not help it. Everytime I watch the TV, or read the papers, I can not help but feel this urge to shout at whoever is pontificating: "that's just your opinion, that doesn't necessarily mean that is the most brilliant solution!" But sadly, in this country, most people who have access to the media think so highly of themselves, they think their drool is holy water.

People in this country do not disagree. They demolish the other side either through obfuscation, intimidation, or by simply overwhelming the other side through whatever means possible including, yes, flooding the surrounding area with saliva.

Last night I was coasting through the channels of Destiny cable and noticed that there were two channels of the INC sect. Both shows featured attacks on Ely Soriano of Ang Dating Daan fame (or infamy, whichever part of the fence you are perching in). I must say that if we are to go by the detailedness and the thoroughness of the scathing attacks, there must be a group in the INC hierarchy that does nothing all day but monitor Ely Soriano's utterances on TV and radio. And by God, were they serious about their demolition job!

I just wonder how the acrimony between the two religious groups started. I mean, what starts a war between religious people? By definition, shouldnt religious people be about forgiveness and all that? But looks like even religious people are into using the media to attack their opponents. Who knows in the future, they might even produce their own movies, or TV shows.

Instead of wasting airtime resources (and money on the host's heavily starched barong tagalogs) attacking each other, maybe the feuding parties can spend the time praying. God knows we need them badly.


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