Wish List

Today, they hung a sheet of paper in the office bulletin board with bold letters printed in it "Your Christmas Wish List Here." Everybody's name was on it and some have already written down their wishes for Christmas. Not a bad idea, really. At the very least, it keeps us in touch with the little kid inside ourselves, that kid that still knows the magic of wishing and hoping. God knows how much we all need that in this period of creeping hopelessness and cynicism, no thanks to our political leaders who continue to jostle for top of the list in Santa's "naughty boys" for the year.

I went through the list - and made a supreme effort not to make a nasty comment about how everybody wrote down a material thing as their wish for Christmas. Whew! Four people actually wrote down "weighing scale" as the one gift they would like to receive this Christmas. Practical people, I say. With all the parties we all have to go to at Christmas, we all need whatever little reminder there is about the need to practice eating in moderation this season. Someone wrote down Victoria's Secret undies. Must be a sign of the times - I never thought underwear was a politically correct gift for Christmas. Still another one wrote "DVDs - pwede pirated basta okay ang quality." I suppose the giver has to test the merchandise first - not a bad idea; watch the movie first and then give it away as a gift.

And what about me? I wanted to write "world peace" just to spite everyone - but I know that today, those two words do not actually mean anything ; thanks to Miss Congeniality, the movie. Even if you do mean it, those two words have forever lost their meaning in public conversation. I mean, who in his right mind would actually dare say those two words without expecting some eyebrows to orbit the room?

So I wrote down the first thing that came to mind: owls. Hahaha. Well, if I was going to be materialistic, I might as well write down something realistic. I am collecting owl stuff - figurines, stuffed toys, whatever. If you come across one - send them my way please. But no stuffed owls from the taxidermist please. I draw the line there.


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