Where's the Christmas Rush?

I went out at lunchtime today to Megamall without any expectations at all. At the back of my mind, I know I would have to pick up some stuff to begin my Christmas shopping with; but at the same time, I was quite prepared to simply while away the time without having accomplished any shopping at all. I was half expecting a throng of people fighting tooth and nail for every square foot of space inside SM.

Well, what do you know - there were no lines at SM and one could actually walk through the alleys of the mall. In fact, one could have rollerbladed around SM. In Christmasses past, one does not walk in Megamall, one trudged painstakingly, putting one leg in front of the other while trying vainly not to be squeezed into a salvaro cookie by people.

Maybe it is not just me then. Maybe there are many people out there who still has to feel the spirit of the season. Or perhaps, life is really difficult these days and people are just being practical - they are doing their christmas shopping at 168 or Divisoria or in the many tiangges that have sprouted around the Metro like well - mushrooms.

Well, anyway - there is nothing quite like shopping (with a credit card!) to get one into a wistful mood (so many things to buy, so little credit limit!). Merry Christmas everyone! Bah, humbug!


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