Remembering kith and kin

The families that we are born to are special of course because they are family. But the families that we create as we journey through life are probably more special because they are freely chosen - because they become part of our lives not just by the sheer accident of sharing a gene pool, but because we elect to make them part of our lives.

One of the great things about Christmas (see, I told you I was gonna get into the Christmas spirit eventually) is remembering kith and kin - the people who make our lives worthwhile because of the warmth of the love and affection they provide. And yes, even if they are three timezones away.

Today, I got an email from someone dearly missed. (Sean, I do miss you my dear friend!) What's more, the email came with pictures of him and two other close friends I also miss (Jojo if you are reading this, call me and let's have dinner! Carlo G, good luck with the new house - ayan, may isa pang bahay na pwede ko gawing hotel when I get to visit california). And this got me into a very Christmassy mood - you know, remembering how blessed we are to have in our lives certain people who make our hearts sing even if they are not physically present.

When we were younger, my friends and I would always make it a point to gather in someone else's house for after-Christmas dinner. The main Christmas dinner was celebrated with our immediate families - but we would always rush to our "other Christmas dinner," this time with our very close friends. This was our other family - and it was in this company that we truly felt the spirit of the season - no pressures that somehow always come with family reunions, no embarrassing questions and answers, no overt efforts to fit in and belong. Within our circle of friends, we had quiet conversations around the dinner table, we traded wishes and stories and simply relaxed in the warmth that only real friends can provide.

Let's not forget what Christmas is all about - it is about kith and kin. From my house to yours, Happy Holidays!


Jher said…
Merry Christmas to you too! I would offer sana my small house for our 'inisa-isa' xmas party but since it's too far eh by the time you got there eh irritated na lahat and the point of having a party is lost.

So may party pa ba tayo?

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