The Night Before Christmas

As I write this, it is a few hours before Christmas and the kids at the house (both old and young) are running around high on sugar and God knows what else. It is like this every year in our family and it is a great wonder there is no body count before midnight. Whoever said Christmas is about families must really have a gift of wisdom because only in the context of "what can we do - we are family" can one take comfort in this season of madness and frayed nerves.

But I still would not have it any other way. I can not imagine spending Christmas alone in some foreign country or in some isolated place the way some of my friends do. True, being stuffed to the gills with food that is bound to clog arteries and having one's liver pickled in liquor are technically not proactive ways of celebrating this supposed season of joy, love and peace, but then again, who wants a philosophizing scrooge on Christmas?

This afternoon, my daughter and I had to rush to Harrison Plaza to do some last minute shopping to cover some unexpected but oh-so-delightful "arrivals." One of my favorite brothers showed up unexpected all the way from the province. He made my Christmas this year. Or at least, he helped make it.

I am still a little "high" from the last pre-Christmas party held all the way in Noveleta Cavite yesterday. That was one truly fun party - and it was great to bask in the genuine warmth provided by peers and students. I must be getting old because I have started to view students as my own "children" - well, at least those that touch my life in many profound ways. Two of my "grown children" - Jon and JT - were there as always and it truly makes my heart swell with pride to see how they have matured and wisened in the few years since graduation.

Anyway, it is a few hours to go before the frenzy in my household erupts to full potential and I am cocooned here in my room trying to catch some moments of quiet and reflection. Tough order of course considering that my cellphone has been buzzing continually with all kinds of messages and wishes since this morning. As of last count, I have received 84 Christmas greetings ranging from the truly profound and insightful to the ribald and irreverent.

I hope your Christmas is meaningful as well.

Merry Christmas!


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