Hooked on iTunes

Courtesy of my friends Angelo and Jerome, I am now officially hooked to digital music. As of the moment, I have 22.3 hours of music stored in my laptop (I KNOW, I KNOW, SOME OF YOU HAVE MONTHS AND MONTHS OF MUSIC STORED IN YOUR IPODS!! give me a break, I just had the darn program installed yesterday) and I am seriously, seriously restraining myself from getting more (music and memory!). I know there are people out there with 40gb worth of music stored somewhere in their ipods or memory sticks or PCs or laptops and that's probably all the music made so far, of course not counting the drumbeats of the early neanderthals.

But what does one do with all that music? I don't think one can play all those pieces anyway. Is there a new psychological phenomenon out there that explains this seeming horde mentality among those in the loop? Is there some comfort to be had in the thought that one has has a digital copy of Yoyoy Villame's Botsikik in his ipod or laptop even if he does not intend to listen to it? I can imagine a conversation thus: "but does your ipod have Shawn Cassidy's version of Lollipops and Roses?" "That's nothing, I have 28 version of that song including a rehearsal recording of Shirley Bassey where she screams at the producer." "How about Humpty Dumpty sung by..."

And pray tell, what does one do with all the music cd's and records and tapes accumulated through the years? I have boxes of them and quite frankly, I feel a little quilty that I havent even been able to at least unpack them from the last house transfer. And now, with iTunes I know I would never have to search for my favorite Bach cd's as I can easily click on them while working on the laptop. No need to stand up and break my momentum while working just to search for the cd in a stack, turn on the stereo, etc., etc..you know the drill.

Anyway. Just officially making it known that I am finally listening to mp3 music. So if anyone out there has the mp3 soundtrack of The Godfather and The Age of Innocence send them my way please. Thanks.


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