Victory at last

Yes, yes, yes…I am gloating. Yes, I am ecstatic. Yes, I am very, very jubilant and is very close to hugging everyone in sight. In fact, I think I did hug everyone inside the hall this afternoon when the last ballot was tallied and the results were announced.

My team, the GOLD TEAM won practically all seats in the 2005 elections of the Personnel Management Association of the Philippines held yesterday. The only post that was won by the other party was that of Secretary, which was won by a mere one vote (210-211). This post could have been won by our candidate had there been no spoiled ballots – and there were many.

If this sounds like I am making a big deal out of the victory, it is because it is a big deal to us! Having lost the PMAP elections in the last many years, the victory yesterday was not only sweet vindication (almost a landslide!); it was triumph of a good cause. It was also proof that pure intentions and a campaign conducted fairly and without malice can still win even in the Philippines where elections are always an occasion for mudslinging and character assassination.

Anyway, if you are wondering why I haven’t been making regular entries to this blog in the last two weeks - . there’s the answer. I was busy campaigning.


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