Some things in this life are so wonderful, they can command awe and take our breath away. But everything in this life is also finite - everything comes to an end eventually. Sad, very sad, but such is life.
And so, there come a time when we ask, even of Shakespeare, even of Kurosawa, even of Picasso - is this all? There comes a time when you ask even of a supposedly perfect relationship - what's more?

This week, something that used to be so beautiful and wonderful finally came to an end. There were no fireworks, no soap opera hysterics, not even a drop of tear. It was as amicable and, well, natural, as dawn breaking into day. No screeching stops, no recriminations; simply an enlightened dialogue between two adults who reached a crossroad and decided to take separate paths. Was it a fitting finale to an almost eight year relationship? I do not know. But how does one determine how a relationship should end?

Funny but I have been humming that song from Tell Me On A Sunday ("don’t write a letter, if you have to leave; don't call me at 3 am from a friend's apartment - I'd like to choose, how I'd hear the news…take me to a park, that's covered with trees, tell me on a Sunday please. Don't want to know, who's to blame, there's no point knowing. I don't want to fight day and night…what's the use in trying.") in the last three months. It probably was a portent of things to come. Not that I wasn’t ready for it because in my heart of hearts, I know it was simply inertia that was fueling the relationship (if one can still call it that). Ever been on bed on a lazy Sunday morning when you know there is nothing urgent to be done and you just lie there wondering if you should get up or just go back to sleep? That was how it has been in the last year. I guess we were both too engrossed on too many different and separate things that we just let it die - just like that.

And so, to all that was and could have been, for the wonderful seven years and 9 months, for all the laughter and the occasional tears, and simply for being there to hold my hand or challenge my mind or share stupid things together, thank you for the great ride.

And yes, let's be there for each other whatever happens. Just because it ended doesn’t mean we can not start another one.


Jher said…
I knew it. There's got to be a post about this somewhere in your blog. Hay. Na sad naman ako.

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