Someone actually emailed me to inquire why there has been no recent posting on this blog. I did not realize that aside from the sum total of three people who I know read this blog regularly and simply as fodder for their daily exchange of emails, I did not realize there were other people who have actually found their way somewhere in cyberspace to this spot.
The answer is trite and outworn. I wish it was something dramatic or unusual - but sadly, it is the old, worn out excuse: been so busy lately. And since I have started shamelessly trundling out cliches, I might as well add one more. Yes, the spirit was willing, but the flesh was weak.
I have also been travelling lately and had no easy access to the internet. Having been used to clicking on my own laptop and zapping through the internet in the privacy of my own room (or office), I never realized how inconvenient and uncomfortable it is working in an internet café. I am one of those people who just can't help feeling a bit self-conscious when working beside someone who is also doing his own thing. The last time I was in a café earnestly trying to read emails, I couldn’t help but feel paranoid that the person beside me was also snooping on my emails. True, I did sneak a glance or two (all right, okay…maybe it was more than that) at what he was doing (chatting in YM!… and it wasn’t something you could recite inside a confessional booth).
So I did try, but ended up simply doing emails.
I am guilty of negligence. Thank god, a blog is not a pet that will die on you if you neglect it.


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