Self Destructing Our Way To Doomsday

Here we go again.

The Senate is all agog over whipping up the latest political extravaganza, the more salacious and controversial, the better. The Opposition is perennially at least two feet away from a media person, all ready to dish out his or her soundbyte. The Government is hostage. The media is circling around like vultures for the carcass of the next political victim in this deadly game of political opportunism. Let us not discuss who the real victim is in this sorry state of affairs.

The really sad thing is how each claims to speak for the Filipino people. Each claims to have a bleeding heart overwhelmed with compassion and affection for the ordinary Filipino. Oh please. Spare us the sanctimony. Quite frankly, you all look like Imelda Marcos claiming to be destitute and poor in a Chanel dress and bling blings worth a poor man's household budget for 50 years.

Quite frankly, I am sick of it all.

I feel like throwing up everytime I see Drilon and his constipated demeanor on TV. It really must be uncomfortable to put on a suit everyday to appear honorable.

I feel like smashing the TV with anything handy everytime Pimentel starts spewing vitriol. My god, 40 years of bitterness over failed presidential ambition must be finally boiling over. This old man has nothing good to say about anyone in his old age.

I feel terribly deppressed and utterly devastated everytime Chiz Escudero attempts to be profound and sober while spinning mountains of garbage over a single thread of yarn. If anyone needs proof that wisdom is wasted
on the young, they do not have to look further. So young and handsome and intelligent, yet so wily and sleazy.

I have the compulsion to run screaming out of the room everytime the two bondyings in the Senate, Jamby and Jinggoy, open their mouth. She with the ahh-I-am-ahh-masa-ahh-because-ahhh-I-ahh-am-Judy-ahh-Ann-ahh-lookalike and he with the 30 second gap-I-30 second gap-am-30 second gap-qualified-30 second gap-because-30 second gap-I-30 second gap-am-30 second gap-30 second gap-a son30 second gap- of a former- 30 second gap- president. Who died and made these people experts at anything?

I can go on and on...but you get the drift. There.


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